Worship, is our priority! Everyday life is very fast paced, often chaotic, and sometimes very demanding. We all need a place of encouragement as we seek to follow God in our daily lives. We need a place of acceptance where we can join with others who share our values and vision. Most of all we need a place where we can clear the clutter of our lives and see, hear, and experience God. That is precisely what we intend to do at Emmanuel Baptist Church. We are seeking to offer an atmosphere of encouragement and acceptance allowing the worshiper to experience the presence of God.


Sunday Morning Worship Service

The 11:00 worship service rings with the sounds of a full choir and the melodies of the traditional hymns of the church. This service also is vibrant and alive and helps worshippers encounter God through worship band led music, scripture and video. The cornerstone of the service is the expository preaching that seeks to clearly present the word of God and help the hearers to make application in their current context. The sermons are designed to communicate the Word of God to meet the spiritual words of students, young adults and families.



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