Sermon Archive (Page 2)

Sermon Archive (Page 2)

3/19/17 Are you In? : Church Or Country Club?

Listen in as Pastor Jeff E. Biddle describes to us the differences between Church members and Country Club members. Pastor Jeff further details the mentalities of a Church member ( to further the kingdom of God) and the Country Club member ( to find more ways to be catered to). Jeff then exposes the Country Club mentality within God’s Church, and realigns that…

The Good Book: Are You In?

Pastor Jeff E. Biddle  continues the series ” ARE YOU IN?” with a message out of Deuteronomy 8. Listen in, as Pastor Biddle stresses the importance of staying biblically grounded, while sharing the gospel to the world. Though the world may change, the Bible will stay the same!!

Come to the Cross Titus 3:3-8

Listen in as Pastor Jeff E. Biddle leads us through part 2 of the “ARE YOU IN?” series. Pastor Jeff uses Titus 3 to explain the importance of sharing  the Gospel to the world and to bring the world back to the cross.