An Everlasting Statute by Jason G. Lutz

An Everlasting Statute by Jason G. Lutz

“This shall be an everlasting statute for you, to make atonement for the children of Israel, for all their sins, once a year.” And he did as the LORD commanded Moses.”Leviticus 16:34 NKJV

Holy Week feels like exactly the right time to discuss the book of Leviticus, as Leviticus truly is a beautiful book.  In my opinion, it reveals so much of God’s character and reveals Wonder in His relationship with His people.  And giving full disclosure, I am a law and order kind of man; so a book with lists of rules appeals to my being.  Fair enough, but how does this deal with Holy Week?  Much of Leviticus focuses on “getting rid of sin”.

This “getting rid of sin” as found in Leviticus is rich with blessing.  Yes, the book is full of dos and do nots.  Most of which are quite sane and agreeable, I might add.  Yet, chapter after chapter relates to God’s people the sacrifices they can make to take away their sins, to cover up the evil they continually do.  These sacrifices become a pleasing aroma to the Lord and food for the priests.  Yet, the goal is to make the offender free from his guilt.  May I fully articulate the consistency of character the God of Hebrews displays here?  In His desire to have His people redeemed and made new before Him: He provides the means, He provides the process, and He is well-pleased to have us forgiven.

The book of Hebrews reminds us just how blessed we are to have a High Priest such as Jesus Christ.  As He is an Advocate in a way that a traditional high priest could never be.  There is no selfish desire held within Him and in His words He shows nothing other than the desire to have us redeemed before the Father.  Understand the aim of His Words, Words, and Victory work toward our reconciliation with God.

Everyone knows that they need forgiven.  In our discipleship, we grow in relationships and we find the guilt a person carries.  We will find the burden of past mistakes that weigh in on a good person’s heart.  Given time, even the toughest and darkest of people know regret.  And they want it to go away.  How blessed are we to tell them that a man named Jesus intercedes on our behalf and the Father takes it away?



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