Boy Scout History

Boy Scout History

History of Boy Scouts at Emmanuel Baptist Church

The original Boy Scout Troop established at Emmanuel Baptist Church was Troop 45 which was chartered in 1926 as part of the Charleston Area Council.  Eleven years later, in 1936, Troop 64 was established.  With the exception of the years 1961-62; 1971-72 and 1976-87, Troop 64 has been meeting at the church still that time.

Beginning in October of this year, Troop 64 began celebrating their 25th Anniversary of continuous chartering with the Boy Scouts of America with special events and activities planned through September 2014.

Throughout its history Troop 64 has seen 44 of its members receive the Eagle Scout award. (43 have been awarded since 1991):

Eagle Scouts & Eagle Projects of Troop #64

1947 Ted Smith- Eagle Scout Projects where not required in 1947
1991 Jeremie Stout– Cleaned off Brush from Indian Burial Mound at Shawnee Park 1992 Herb Sharp- Parking Lot Project at Emmanuel Baptist
1992 Joe Bernard- Built Rehabilitation Boxes for injured Eagles, Falcons, Hawks etc..
1993 Mike Evans- Built New Squirrel Boxes for the State Capital of WV.
1994 Adam Smith- Several Projects at the Kanawha County Animal Shelter.
1994 Howard Dunlap- Sugarcreek Baptist Church Project included painting, etc…
1995 David Dixon- Smoke Detector Surveys & Installation in the community.
1995 Jesse Hager- Dupont Wildlife Refuge Planting Trees
1996 Joe Bowles- Kanawha State Forest Davis Creek Trail Repair.
1996 Nathan King- Graffiti Removal at Cato Park & Painting
1996 John Petts- Safety City Painting, landscaping, etc…
1997 Jason Hutchens- Painting of Emmanuel Baptist Gym Locker Rooms
1998 Justin King- Clean Up of Florida Street & Cabel Football Field
1998 Drew Slater- Emmanuel Baptist Painting and Safety Inspection
1998 Aaron Blackshire- Dupont Wildlife Refuge Planting Trees
2000 Paul Jordan- Marking all the Trails Properly at Kanawha State Forest
2002 Matt Wells- Nursery Wall Paper Removal & Painting at Emmanuel Baptist
2003 Byron Pinney- Watts Elementary School Making the Play Ground Safer Project.
2003 Jason Wells- Sugarcreek Baptist Church Project including painting
2004 Austin Slater- Davis Creek Flood Debris Clean Up
2005 Corey Meade- Smoke Detector Surveys & Installation in the community.
2005 Casey Corder– Trash & Debris Clean Up Along the Kanawha River
2005 Max Cummons- Emmanuel Baptist Painting Project
2005 Bryan Shamblin- Garrison Avenue Flood Debris Clean Up
2005 Andrew Judy– Wetland Project Teays Valley Wood Duck & Bat Boxes
2006 Adam Treister– Emmanuel Baptist Youth Room Painting Project
2007 Sammy Wood– Little Creek Park, South Charleston Blazing/Marking Trails
2007 Jeff Beyer– Conservation Trail Work on Carriage Trail, Charleston
2008 Alex Slater– Bob Burdette Center K-8 Soccer Clinics, Emmanuel Baptist Church
2008 Chad Wells- Nursery Wall Paper Removal & Painting at Emmanuel Baptist
2010 Marshall Sharp– 5 Can 5K Race for the Mountain Mission Food Pantry
2011 Michael Lillibridge– Emmanuel Baptist Church 3rd Floor Remodel Project
2011 Logan Bailey- St. Paul’s United Methodist Prayer Wall Project
2011 Evan Blackwood- Flag Day Retirement Ceremony Coonskin Park
2011 Noah Moody- Emmanuel Baptist Church Evacuation Plan Project
2011 George Childers– Fishing Rodeo at Coonskin Park
2011 Vladimir Moore– Smoke Detector Surveys and Installation Charleston
2012 Delbert Robertson– WV Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery Landscaping
2012 Derek Rader– Knollwood Recreation Playground Repair and Maintenance
2013 Isaac Abdalla- Collected 12,020 Food Items for the Mountaineer Food Bank
2013 Ben Bradley– Capital High School Trail Maintenance and Improvement
2013 Aaron Grass- Painting at Greater Emmanuel Church
2013 Patrick Vance- St. Agnes Catholic Church Deck Staining and Painting

Scout Master History

Here is a list of some of the Scoutmaster’s who have served at Emmanuel Baptist Church

1926-1929    Dennie Wolfe Troop #45
1930-1937    ???
1937-1942    Tom W. Robertson Troop #64
1943             Elden W. Smith
1944             Tom W. Robertson
1945             Elden W. Smith
1946             Tom A. Beaver
1947-1950    James Ralph Pierson
1951-1952    Dan Walker
1953-1958    Baird A. Carpenter
1959-1960    Bill Parr
1961-1962    “Troop #64 did NOT Re-charter
1963-1964    Leonard R. Ranson
1965-1970    John C. Waugh
1971-1972    “Troop #64 did NOT Re-charter”
1973-1975    Edward Russe
1976-1987    “Troop #64 did NOT Re-charter”
1988-2011    Robert (Bob) Sharp
2011–Now    Matt Blackwood

The information above is to the best of our knowledge. Please let us know if you have any information to add.