About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

“Show the World the Best Possible Life is in Jesus”

“Show the World” – Demonstrate by word and example to the world.

“The Best Possible Life” – Choices have both good and bad consequences. Choosing to follow Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord will lead you to experience the best possible life in this world and forever.

“In Jesus” – To be “in Jesus” or “In Christ” is New Testament wording for being part of the Kingdom of God and the Church. It means to have the Living Christ as your Master or Lord.


The Meaning of the Emmanuel Baptist Church logo:

The logo was designed by Sharon Ford. She was writing various styles of the letters EB when she wrote the cursive intertwined “EB” of the logo. Her husband Doug was watching and pointed out some things he saw in the letters and she developed it from there. Notice that the top of the “E” and the “B” link together to form the Christian symbol of the “Fish.”

Fish: Greek Word: “ίχθϋς” – “ichthus” The five Greek letters are the first letters of the Greek words that translate to English: “ Jesus Christ God’s Son Savior” In times of persecution early Christians used this symbol of the fish to identify other believers who could be trusted.

Cross: The second symbol within the cursive “EB” is the cross. The vertical stroke of the “B” is crossed by the upper part of the “B.”

Two hearts: The upper part of the “E” and the “B” form the shape of a heart and the lower parts do the same. The symbolism is that the heart of God and the heart of the believer are bound together in the cross of Christ. The believer’s heart is obediently submitted to the loving heart of God.

Therefore the logo reminds us of the loving relationship we have with God and with one another through Christ Jesus our Lord.